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Customized one-on-one lessons are for students who want to learn digital photography or Photoshop and Lightroom at their own pace in the fastest and most efficient way. You will learn how to master your cameras and use editing software to capture and create unique and successful photos.

4 or 5 sessions for total of 10 hours,
once or twice a week, mornings, weekends and some evenings.


If you have a friend at a similar level of photo experience, that route will be probably the most effective and economical at the same time.

4 sessions x 2.5 hours each; total 10 hours
once or twice a week, mornings, weekends and some evenings.

101 or 102 students can choose topics from modules shown in the next columns, or any extra programs advertised on this website.


We will work in small groups to a maximum of 10 people in a friendly and creative environment. We will meet once a week for 2.5 hour session in different venues located in Victoria, BC.

DIGITAL SLR or mirrorless cameras (e.g. Canon T5i or Fuji XT-3), or high-end COMPACT CAMERAS with extended zoom and manual functions (e.g. Lumix FZ1000, Sony RX10, etc), and basic computer skills are required.

You will learn technical aspects of operating a digital camera, effective rules of composition and lighting, practical tips on how to photograph people and nature. The Photoshop Editing Course will help you to enhance images using Photoshop to get stunning results. Students who have previous experience in film photography will learn how to master their digital camera to use all its crucial features, and make the digital transition smooth and rewarding.

Rates and schedules information

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for beginners with SLR, mirrorless or high-end compact cameras

PDP-01 setting up your camera
learn crucial camera settings,
controlling ISO level and digital noise,
hand-held camera sharpshooting,
exposure value compensation.

PDP-02 exposure, DOF and motion
ISO, aperture and shutter triangle,
proper exposure secrets,
creative use of depth of field and focus,
photographing movement.

PDP-03 composition and colours
rules of composition for creative photography,
understanding colour of light,
using white balance for true colours,

PDP-04 importance of light in photography
directions and intensity of the light,
effective use of light in landscape, photography and portraiture;
presentation and critique of students' work

PDP-05 guided photo walk (optional)
usually in downtown Victoria to use—in real life situations—all previously learned photo skills under the friendly guidance of your instructor. You will learn new tips and techniques and how to overcome shyness when photographing people.

Total: 10 hours. Each session: 2 hours

Rates and schedules information

PHOTOSHOP EDITING AND IMAGE ENHANCEMENT for beginners with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Lightroom

PIE- 01 introduction to basic Photoshop workflow and DAM
digital assets management basics
file formats, size, resolution, compression
basic navigation in Photoshop
Image correction and enhancement workflow
RAW development workflow basics

PIE-02 power of selection tools
understanding and using selection
mastering selection for tonal value changes
improving dynamic range of images
explanation of adjustment layers

PIE-03 layers, cloning
using layers for better colours, contrast and
basics of cloning and retouching
enhancing your best shots for digital printing and online presentation
fixing perspective and lens distortions

PIE-04 retouch of faces and bodies
softening skin tones and reducing wrinkles
using liquify tools
presentation and critique of students' work

Total 10 hours. Each session: 2.5 hr

Rates and schedules information


New topics planned for 2020
Please call to pre-register: 250-884-4012


Introduction to candid and posed portraiture and life style photography.
Photojournalistic approach to street and travel photography. You will learn how to photograph the human face and figure, and how to overcome the shyness to photograph unknown people.